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Sending mail


Customization and full control of messages and e-mail in all work processes, such as entering the car to the center, required maintenance, and electronic invoices so that the customer has full knowledge of the updates on the work.


Multi-Users Roles

The ability to access and control user accounts according to the access of each role and permission given within the system.

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User Authorities

Within the users' authority, you can add a position for each employee in the center according to his job role and allocate the authorities in proportion to the employee's job role in your facility.

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Safe & Security

The security of your data on our servers is a top priority, which is why we use fully secure, encrypted servers with multiple layers of protection.



This feature helps you to manage and archive all necessary documents to be able to access them at any time where. 


Free Update

constantly growing to expand supporting you. Ongoing updates are included for free, whatever plan you select, forever.



Multi-language support in order to provide the best user experience for both Arabic and English.


Activity Log

Recording of all important activities performed on the system by users such as adding, changing, approving or receiving bill payments. The log also lists the username and the date of the transaction.

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Easy User Interface

You can manage your business easily with a lot of features and tools built into an easy to use interface. You don't need to be an expert in multiple systems to work on the system.

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Sales Management

Works can help you simplify the sales process and close more deals faster. With our easy-to-use tools, you can manage leads, opportunities, and accounts in one place. Because Works is cloud-based, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime.

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Accounting Reports

We support the issuance of electronic invoices in line with the regulations of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in line with the vision of digital transformation 2030

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We support the issuance of electronic invoices in line with the regulations of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in line with the vision of digital transformation 2030

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Packages & Offers

You can make promotions and discounts on all items or services on a specific department or category and specify it for a specific period and a specific branch, as well as you can do it on specific customers without the rest.


Price List

It helps you display the prices of your center's products and services so that the customer can better know the services you provide.

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A report panel that helps you understand everything that happens within your center and for each customer or vehicle! Like tracking the profitability of each order, the efficiency of technicians, the loyalty of your customers, and the performance of each fleet!


Account Management

Easily manage all your business accounts in one place. You can add, edit and search for accounts quickly and without difficulty.

Operation Management

Effective management of your center using Works. It has been designed to help you manage the daily operations of your center with high efficiency and effectiveness with a variety of features that help you control and monitor the workflow of the center to identify strengths and weaknesses.

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Workflow Dashboard

The dashboard allows you to take an overview, read and track your daily and monthly sales figures so that you can achieve the best quality goals.

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Increase work productivity and reduce time wasted in completing various tasks through a clear vision of all work cards that have been created and are being worked on in a clear way for the team and management to work as one team.


Appointment Management

Scheduling and modifying work schedules and sending automatic messages with maintenance reminders saves you a lot, and this leads to:
- Organizing and scheduling appointments
- Improving work efficiency among employees and reducing wasted time
- Attracting and retaining clients



A special control panel to manage and control everything related to wholesale sales to be managed professionally, such as creating a quotation, electronic invoicing, credit limit and managing balances and accounts payable.


Fleet Management

Automation of maintenance management and follow-up of the corporate fleet of cars. The system provides both technical and administrative information to all administrative levels to assist in decision-making.


Detailed Reporting

The system is designed to provide comprehensive and accurate reports on various aspects of the system and how it works within your center. This will allow managers to effectively monitor and manage all center operations according to their job roles and responsibilities.

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Communication with clients

Provide customer service at the highest level, and communicate with your customers via e-mail or the integrated communication window within the program! And the ability to send invoices and customized messages


Electronic Approvals

The possibility of sending work cards and quotations, and receiving companies’ approvals for examinations, estimates and appointments smoothly, answer their inquiries and give them the opportunity to communicate with you wherever they are and more with just a few clicks

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Evaluation of branches and technicians

The performance of branches and technicians is monitored daily and monthly. Reports are generated to show the average time taken to complete a task, the number of tasks completed, the number of errors that occurred, etc. This data is used to identify areas for improvement and to make necessary changes.

Inventory and Purchasing Management

Keep your inventory and warehouse running smoothly with the Works Inventory and Purchasing Management App. Add the products or services you offer to customers with their corresponding data and assign warehouse permissions to them, whether it is add, exchange or transfer between your different warehouses.

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Inventory Management

The inventory management tools available to you are integrated and effective, allowing you to manage your inventory professionally and keep you informed of all stock movements at all times. The inventory will be updated once the sale process is completed, and you will be alerted when it reaches a certain amount available

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Supplier Management

Be aware of everything related to suppliers from managing supplier data, supplier performance analytics, following up on invoices due to suppliers


Purchase Manaegment

Purchasing management has been customized through a clear and smooth sequence of operations and the convenience of conducting purchases within the center


Connecting stores and branches

The branch and warehouse link feature allows you to manage and control inventory, view the balance and movement of items, and perform inventories from one place, anywhere, at any time.



Create stock adjustment with just one click, as the system displays the available quantities to you based on the purchase and sale operations that have been completed, and the system will automatically process the inventory

Stock Transfer

Transfer products between different branches smoothly and comfortably by specifying the products and quantities that will be transferred.

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